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IAAPA Recruiting Department: The Final Hurdle

Please answer the following questions and press the button Submit Answers at the bottom of the page when you finish. You must answer all questions.

The Wake Island Sea Zone has a Japanese aircraft carrier with 1 fighter on board. The carrier
is attacked and sunk by a US submarine. The fighter...
a. is lost.
b. may fly to any friendly territory within a flight range of 4.
c. may hover over the sea zone until Japan's next turn.
d. may land on Wake Island.
True or False: Players may bid Anti-Aircraft (AA) guns as part of their bid.
Is South Africa adjacent to the Mozambique Sea Zone?
True or False: An infantry unit can attack a bomber.
Can infantry retreat from battles along with other units even though they only have one movement point?
True or False: A player may choose to receive IPCs in lieu of units for his bid.
True or False: Some or all attacking submarines may elect to withdraw after the end of any round, after which the defender may withdraw some or all of their submarines provided a friendly or unoccupied sea zone exists.
Is the New Zealand Sea Zone adjacent to the Peru Sea Zone?
Is the southernmost point of the continent of Australia adjacent to the Soviet Far East?
Is it possible for a transport to move from the Hawaii Sea Zone to the East Panama Sea Zone in one turn?