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2004 Fall Classic: Civil War

Greetings to all Yankees and Confederates!

The southern states just left the union ... war seems to be inescapable. A last effort will be made until October 5th on a peace conference in Washington, D.C, but chances are very low that there will be a success. Should the politicians fail, you will have to face various battles, all very hard and challenging:

And here is your route:

Round 1 - Take Fort Sumter
Round 2 - Fight the Battle of Bull Run
Round 3 - Battle of Antietam
Round 4 - Fredricksburg
Round 5 - Seige of Vicksburg

until you finally reach the Final :


Eligibility: All Ranks
Format: Unseeded, 2 month per round time limit.
Start date: 5th, October 2004

Yankee Bracket
Confederate Bracket

IAAPA 2004 Fall Classic Champion: ???