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2003 Summer Open: Alexanders' Campaign

Greetings Warriors! Let me invite you to the Summer Open, the main tournament of IAAPA. This year we will follow Alexander the Great on his campaign to conquer the know world! Here are the battles you have to win to be able to name you "The Great"! Round 1 - Conquer Theben, your rival in Greece Round 2 - Fight the Battle of Issos against the persian troops and prepare the way to Round 3 - Egypt, where you found Alexandria, found the famous library and prepare yourself for Round 4 - The Battle of Gaugamla, where Darios waits for you. Now you have to finish of the remamnats of the persian empire and Round 5 - Conquer Persepolis, the capital. Then you are finally ready to make your march to the ultimate goal: The Battle of Bukaphaia at the Indos, the end of the known world! Sign up now, and proof that you are the best field marshal of the world! And then, next year, we will see if your troops are loyal and do not start a rebellion against you... when you defend your title!

Eligibility: All Ranks
Format: Unseeded, 2 month per round time limit.
Start date: 3rd July 2003

Greek Bracket
Persian Bracket

IAAPA 2003 Summer Open Champion: Facil