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2002 Fall Classic: Blitzkrieg Tournament

Let me introduce the objectives of this campaign to you. The goal is nothing less than the domination of the world. To reach this you are supposed to lead a series of Blitzkriege, none longer than 2 months, except the final battle, which might take longer. The first target will be France, followed by England, Africa, the Pacific and Russia. Once you are victorious in Moscow the last challenge remains: the battle for Washington, D.C! The 2002 Fall Classic is a mix of a recreation of the first blitzkrieg campaign and a kind of what-if-scenario. Each round will bring you you closer to the final goal, the capture of the Washington, D.C.

Who will be the one which is strong enough to succeed in all campaigns?.

Eligibility: All Ranks
Format: Unseeded, 2 month per round time limit.
Start date: 17th October 2002

German HQ
Japanese HQ

IAAPA 2002 Fall Classic Champion: cnty9047@