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2001 Summer Open 'Safari' Tournament

Number of Players: 50

Entry into this tournament was open to all active members and it was started on July 16, 2001.

Looking for adventure this Summer?. Join me and my native assistant DJ on RedDwarf's 2001 Summer Open Safari Tour. Travel to seemingly endless grasslands and witness the mighty herds of Generals, Colonels and other ranks in their native habitat, a place where only the strongest survive.

On RedDwarf's 2001 Summer Open Safari you will be able to stalk large game such as the fierce and unpredictable HighCmmdr, come face to face with the wily KenBell and Spud or track the dangerous Komp, but look out for the most sought after game of all, a real maneater, rarely taken he is the extremely cunning Rewstr.

So come join us on RedDwarf's 2001 Summer Open Safari where your slim chance of survival is our guarantee.

"Is that a BlackWatch I see in the tall grass?, DJ hand me my elephant gun!"
"Yes Bwana".....BLAM!!.....
"Damn, missed!, bad show."
"Nice shot Bwana"
"Mmm yes, Back to camp DJ we must be there to welcome the new hunters"

*** IAAPA 2001 SUMMER OPEN ***

Eligibility: Any redblooded IAAPA card carrying member (rookies included)

Format: Seeded.

Slap on your safari suit and load up for the 2001 Summer Open Tournament.

Lion Bracket
Tiger Bracket

IAAPA 2001 Summer Open Champion: Byrons_Brigade