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2001 Fall Classic 'Stampede' Tournament

Number of Players: 64

Entry into this tournament was open to all active members and it was started on September 30, 2001.

Rollin' .... Rollin' .... Rollin' .... keep them doggies rollin' .... yeeeehaaaa!

Howdy Folks,

Welcome to the Lazy 'D' Ranch. I'm inviting you to hit the dusty trail with me on the 2001 Fall Classic Stampede. Pack your chaps and shootin' irons as there's sure to be more outlaws and desperados out in the badlands than you can shake a rattler at !

Take a gander at these posters of the territories most wanted men, you may just meet up with one of them out there.....

WANTED: Six-Gun KenBell Top gunslinger of the IAAPA, always carries six single shot pistols in his belt, because of this has trouble sitting without discharging one or more of his weapons. Wanted for maliciously shooting up a dozen outhouses. Reward: 1000 pesos!

WANTED: Crazyfoot Rewstr Currently number two in the IAAPA gang, possibly of indian ancestry, notable for his crowing and crazy Rewstr dance over the carcasses of his numerous victims. Wanted for malicious over use of the chicken dance song. Reward: 1000 pesos!

WANTED: Beauregard Highcmmdr Former confederate and occassional gun runner, currently strategic planner for the IAAPA gang. Carries his odds calc in a shoulder holster, also rumoured to have a spare stuffed into the top of his boot. Wanted for passing along strategy plans to the local indian population. Reward: 1000 pesos!

WANTED: Spaghetti Spud Notable for the unusual way that his speech does not match the movement of his mouth. Wanted for over-exaggerated acting. Reward: 1000 pesos!


Eligibility: All ranks
Format: Unseeded

Time Limits: Standard 2 month limit per round
Final: No Time Limit

Cavalry Bracket
Indian Bracket

IAAPA 2001 Fall Classic Champion: ???