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2000 Fall Open Tournament

Number of Players: 48

Entry into this tournament was open to all active members and it was started on November 25, 2000. It is the first tournament to be started following the institution of dues in IAAPA.

Initial Tournament Mass Mailing (by Reddwarf):

Welcome to the 2000 Fall Open briefing. Take a seat while I go through the objectives of your mission.

You will battle your way through six rounds. The first five rounds have a time limit of 60 days each. If you are unable to complete your task within the time limit then your game may need adjudication (if you and your opponent cannot agree to who advances) The sixth round also known as the championship round has no time limit.

When you make contact with your first round opponent don't forget to radio back the game number on this frequency ( so that I know that you are on your way.

If you do not send me your game number then may all your rolls be fives!!!

Round 1 to begin Sat 25th Nov 2000 to Mon Jan 29th 2001. One extra week has been provided for rd1 to allow for christmas vacation.

Check out my tourney predictions (below the pairings).


All players are randomly paired. (My own position was determined by a random number chosen by another government member).

(To see pairings please click on the links at the bottom of the page)


2000 Fall Classic Top guns

HighCmmdr GEN** (1451) record: 49-13 The tourneys highest ranked participant, everyone will be looking to spoil his party. May face Prairiepork in rd3 and a potential semifinal against one of the following players....Komp, Toddvomit or Frogman10

Spud GEN* (1365) record: 50-25 Propbably hasn't done as well on the tournament circuit as he could have done, kinda like the Phil Mickleson of Axis & Allies. Faces a fairly tough draw, may face Col. Hogan or Polaris in rd3 and his semifinal draw could be any one of the following...AATorpedo, Micwil, Boromir Andrew.Cowdery.

Komp GEN* (1343) record: 46-19 Doing well the 2000 Invitational (def Spud in rd1) Looks in good form coming into Fall Classic may face a tough round 3 opponent in ToddVomit.


In this section I tempt fate by praising the following players and their chances in the Classic. Look out for these guys!

frogman10 COL (1382) record: 36-18 Recent success in the Millenium and 2000 Summer Open tournaments will give him some confidence going into the Classic. I predict that the Amphibious one will make the Quarter finals or further.

Col Hogan COL (1362) record: 17-2 Polaris will be a much harder adversary than Col Klink but I will take the fence post outta my butt and put my money on Col Hogan.

Buzz LT (1289) record: 17-9 Has done very well in some recent tournaments including defeating AARommel in the 98 Summer Open. Proclaims luck has a lot to do with his victories (and i've been on the receiving end of his tech rolls so I know all about his luck) but having said that I have seen enough of his game play to know that he does possess a very solid gaming style (however it couldn't hurt to rub that lucky rabbits foot just in case Buzz because you've got some tough opposition).

ToddVomit LT (1259) record: 57-51 Although his ranking may have slipped in recent times TV is as upredictable as ever and already has a tournament win under his belt (Battle in the Bayou Convention Champ).

With so much talent I could easily add a dozen more names to this list ...but I won't, instead I will leave it up to each player to carve out their own piece of glory and gain a mention in my follow up reports as this event progresses. These future reports will most likely be published in the Havoc so as to keep everyone informed about just what the heck is going on.


Predicting the best / toughest games of round 1.

HighCmmdr vs JBell: Considering that JBell recently fought Rewstr to a draw in rd1 of the 2000 Summer Open HC faces a tough round1 match.

HoganS vs ToddVomit: Should be a cracking game, TV will be able to get full use of any strategy he employs as HoganS is like the EverReady Bunny and just keeps going on and on and on.....

Col.Hogan vs Polaris: If anyone wants a reason for gamelogs then one only needs to look at a Polaris log entry which often proves to be fascinating reading.


One last request, please visit the Polling Booth on the BBS and take my unofficial Poll (but worthwhile for feedback purposes) regarding the seasonal titles of the IAAPA tourneys.

Good luck one and all and don't forget to report those game numbers darn it!.

(Deputy Tourney Minister)

This tournament was broken up into 2 brackets - Able Company and Baker Company. This tournament is currently in round 1.


IAAPA 2000 Fall Open Champion: ???