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1999 Masters Invitational Tournament

Number of Players: 16

Entry into this tournament was by invitation only --- the top 16 members in the Association at that time were asked to participate and was started on July 21, 1999.

Three weeks of hard work reviewing many player's records/ranks and ratings as well as their strength of schedule was a good indication that our Master's Invitational is here again. These 16 players represent IAAPA's finest and have been invited to participate in our 1999 Master's Invitational. Congratulations players!

Now for some general information: For this tournament, the 1999 Masters, we were still working out the bugs in our ranking program. All players were instructed to submit any relevent information pertaining to their association ank/rating. I took this information and reviewed each player's record. It should also be noted that a few high rated players did not enter and I sent out an invitation to all of them. A few responded and a few declined so not EVERY player of rank wanted in this year. Also I had to look at the last spots based on strength of schedule and finally I was forced to make the decision of who was in and who wasn't and it wasn't easy to do so...

This of course brings me to the details of this tournament. I have seeded the top 8 players and have randomly distributed the last 8 players amongst the brackets.

Click here to see the Complete Brackets of this Tourney.

The final game (#7877) was completed on August 11th, 2000, and was won by Brutus.

IAAPA 1999 Invitational Winner: Brutus