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Fury In Fredricksburg!

This tournament took place at the 3rd annual IAAPA convention in Fredricksburg, VA.

Friday, May 28th through Monday, May 31st.

ToddVomit's Report on Fredricksburg:

I must admit that my recordkeeping on the tourney is a bit of a mess here, with all the shuffling of brackets to accomodate the in and out nature of the gamers at a con, but here they are:

Attendees at the Con and where they hail from:

  1. JohnPin569, New Orleans, LA
  2. GBaok, Hamilton Canada
  3. NickCrone, Memphis, TN
  4. PaleRider, Columbus, OH
  5. RedBaron, Philadelphia, PA
  6. Krazyhouse, Memphis, TN
  7. Rewstr, Cleveland, OH
  8. mheinz, Fulda Germany
  9. Johnsmith, Baltimore, MD
  10. faltman, Fredericksburg, VA
  11. ToddVomit, New Orleans, LA
  12. Hakkie, Leeuwarden, Holland
  13. kesteren, The Hague, Netherlands
  14. ddelruss, Greenbelt, MD
  15. roadrage, Richmond, VA
  16. dlahue5044, Ellington, CT
  17. RDBaker43, Washington, DC
  18. WHill22372, Washington, DC
  19. philosphe, Bowie, MD
  20. tomryan, Arlington, VA
  21. Stuka

Games that were played:

6223  ToddVomit(axis bid 15) defeats GBaok  (jap ics in Alaska,S Africa, Burma)
6224  JohnPin569(axis bid 16) defeats Rewstr  
6225  faltman(axis bid 15) defeats einstein
6226  faltman(axis bid 15) defeats JohnPin569
6227  mheinz(allies bid 16) defeats jonsmith
6228  ToddVomit(allies bid 12)  defeats faltman
6229  Rewstr(axis bid 17)  defeats einstein
6230  Rewstr(axis bid 19) draw vs ddelruss
6231  Krazyhouse(axis bid 19)  defeats RedBaron
6232  ddelruss(allies bid 19) defeats einstein
6233  GBaok(allies bid 15) defeats Stuka
6234  redbaron(allies bid 17) continues via e-mail vs mheinz, JohnPin569 GMing
6235  ToddVomit(axis bid 15) defeats Krazyhouse  
6236  JohnPin569(axis bid 18) defats Hakkie
6237  Rewstr(axis bid 17) defeats jonsmith
6238  ToddVomit(allies bid 15)  defeats JohnPin569
6239  NickCrone(axis  bid 18) draws vs Krazyhouse
6240  PaleRider(axis  bid 18) draws vs dlahue5044
6241  Rewstr(allies bid 17) defeats mheinz
6242  kesteren(allies bid 18) defeats faultman
6243  JohnPin569(axis bid 18) continues via e-mail vs hakkie
6244  GBaok(axis bid 17) defeats dlahue5044
6245  PaleRider(allies bid 15) defeats ToddVomit
6246  mheinz(allies bid 15) defeats Krazyhouse
6247  hakkie(allies bid 16) defeats jonsmith
6248  einstein(allies bid 21) defeats RedBaron
6249  Rewstr(axis bid 19) defeats kesteren
6250  Rewstr(allies bid 18) draws vs PaleRider
6251  kesteren(allies bid 19) defeats NickCrone
6252  einstein(allies bid 19) defeats ToddVomit
6253  mheinz(axis bid 16) defeats faltman
6254  Rewstr(allies  bid 17) defeats GBaok
6255  ddelruss(allies bid 18) defeats faltman
6256  ToddVomit(allies bid 16) defeats mheinz
6258  einstein(allies bid 18) defeats ddelruss

Winner's Bracket:

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
Faltman vs GBaok Kesteren vs Faltman Rewstr vs Kesteren PaleRider vs Rewstr
Kesteren vs NickCrone
Rewstr vs JonSmith Rewstr vs Mheinz
Mheinz vs RedBaron
PaleRider BYE PaleRider vs Dlahue5044 PaleRider vs ToddVomit
Dlahue5044 BYE
ToddVomit vs Krazyhouse ToddVomit vs JonPin569
JonPin569 vs Hakkie

Loser's bracket:

Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7
GBaok vs RoadRage GBaok vs Dlahue5044 GBaok vs JonPin569 GBaok vs Kesteren GBaok vs ToddVomit Rewstr vs ToddVomit
Hakkie vs JonSmith JonPin569 vs Hakkie
NickCrone vs KrazyHouse Mheinz vs NickCrone Mheinz vs Faltman ToddVomit vs Mheinz
RedBaron vs Whill Faltman vs RedBaron

Final Pairing: Rewstr vs ToddVomit

IAAPA Fury in Fredricksburg Champion: Rewstr