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Welcome to the World Wide Web Home of the Axis and Allies Online Club --- the largest Axis and Allies Internet Gaming Club in the world!!! If you love the game but can't find anyone with the time to play it, join our club and instantly you are put into contact with over 600 fellow strategy gamers looking for opponents.

If you enjoy Axis and Allies, you've found one of the best resources on the Internet for strategies, utilities, and links to other Axis and Allies related sites around. Check back here often, as this site is constantly adding new content and features.

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April 21, 1998

  1. We have been working on the stats project and will soon have an interactive database which will be accessable over the web. Other projects include our own dice server and our own web-accessable Wargamers HQ. If you are interested in helping out on either of these projects (and we need more volunteers all the time), please email micwil or any other government member.
  2. The archives section of the website is now complete. This section includes the text of all club sanctionned games ever played. You can access this information from the Downloads section of the site.
  3. GM Less Rules are now here -- check them out in the Rules section of the website.

Club Information and Reference Pages

New Players Link: Take this link first, and find out basic information like how to play by email, sample turns, how to join the club, and other information helpful for you newbies.

Club Rules: Take this link to read the accumulated rules of our club including default combat orders, how to act as a Game Master (GM), how Axis and Allies differs in playing by email as compared to face-to-face, and rules for live game play.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): This link provides links to several FAQs on the various military units, geography of the game board and combat FAQs, among others.

Government: Take this link to find information about the club government including descriptions and requirements for each position.

Tourneys: Take this link to find out about our annual email and face-to-face tournaments.

History: Take this link to find out about the history of our club and the history of Axis and Allies, the game.

Current Standings: Take this link to see where all our hundreds of members rank against each other, including their total number of wins and losses and officer rating.

Contacts/Email: Take this link to find out which member of the club government you should address your email based on the subject of your email.

Newsletter: Take this link to read our Club's most recent newsletter entitled From the Bunker, compiled by our President and containing statistics and information about Club activities.

Havoceur: Take this link to read our Club's most recent Havoceur, a light-hearted and fun look at the playing of Axis and Allies.

Club Charter: Take this link to read our Club's Charter, a guide to expected standards of conduct and rules for dealing with people who get in the way of fair play.

Other Resources on this Web Site

Strategies: Take this link to take a look at some strategies for playing Axis and Allies, including Basic Strategies for the beginner, Advanced Strategies for the experienced player and Aggressive Strategies for the risk-taking experienced player.

Downloads: Take this link to download useful utilities for playing Axis and Allies including a virtual Axis and Allies board program, combat odds calculation programs, useful text files and past game archives.

Links: Take this link to find links to other Axis and Allies sites on the World Wide Web --- some of which have been created by our own members.

Miscellaneous: Take this link to find anything which doesn't really fit anywhere else.

Axis and Allies challenges your mind with its strategies, gets your emotions involved with the rolls of the dice, and your opponent involved from the initial challenge to the final battle. We hope you enjoy the site, and send us feedback.

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