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Michael Craggs

Welcome to the International Axis and Allies Players Association World Wide Web Site --- the oldest and largest Axis and Allies Gaming Organization in the world!!! If you love the game but want more than an occasional weekend of it with friends, then read on...
  • With over 1000 active strategy gamers looking for opponents you will always find someone with the time to play the game when you want to play - live OR by email.
  • By playing games with other IAAPA members, you will not only be able to gauge your abilities against the best players in the world, but you will be rewarded for your achievements, improving your worldwide lifetime rank in a fair, friendly and competitive environment where the highest standards of conduct and gamesmanship are the rule.
  • We have local chapters of the Association all over the world who play face-to-face sanctioned games on a regular basis - take a look - there is bound to be a chapter in YOUR area.
  • Our easy-to-use dice server automatically rolls out battles for those of you who prefer GMless games or go head to head in our War Room or on the Zone.
  • All this for free? Yes, there is no charge whatsoever to join our Association, so what could be holding you back?

If you enjoy Axis and Allies, you've found the best place on the Internet for strategies, utilities, and links to other Axis and Allies related sites. Check back here often, as this site is constantly adding new content and features. Membership gives you complete access to our comprehensive Axis and Allies Online Statistics Database, Game Log Archive, Message Boards, War Zone, strategy area and much much more.

Axis and Allies challenges your mind with its strategies, your heart with the rolls of the dice, and your interest from the initial challenge to the final battle. We hope you enjoy the site, and send us feedback.

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IAAPA Web Site

What's New???

January 22, 2000

Our move to the new server is complete! Please email any problems you encounter to engineering@axisandallies.net and webmaster@axisandallies.net.

December 14, 1999

Local Chapters are needed in your area!

IAAPA is organizing local face to face gaming clubs all across the World. We are currently busy trying to establish just which areas already have several IAAPA members. Currently our only tools are the Bulletin Board and the Member Information you provided to us. Please help us to better organize these local chapters by updating your member information today.

Local Chapters bring you together for face to face playing opportunities. Organizing chapters help to set up a regular meeting schedule, so you can have an occasional gaming night or weekend with all your A&A friends. Spending a few hours with your friends gaming can be a great way to work out that little bug in your strategy that never works. Insightful discussion about Bids, Economics, and Positioning will make your playing more fun and improve your skill.

Remember that your personal information remains private. We never give it out to anyone, and it remains accessable only by the few government members who need it in their duties (basically recruiting, as they verify identities to prevent dual identity attempts, or illegal re-entry by expelled members).

If you haven't reviewed your member information lately, do so. We will be conducting a review soon and deactivating those memberships that we cannot verify. If we cannot reach you by phone, or by mail, we will have to assume that you aren't being truthful in your identity and deactivate you. So avoid the fuss, and be sure your information is correct.

If you would like to chair a local chapter club, contact president@axisandallies.net

We are now sanctioning play of Axis and Allies by using the Hasbro CD-ROM. This can be accomplished on the Microsoft Zone Axis and Allies Ladder Room, or directly by a TCP/IP connection. Information on how to play in this format can be found in the CD-ROM FAQ.

IAAPA has been sanctionning a variant form of Axis and Allies called cutthroat which takes the feel of Diplomacy and applies it to the traditional game. Members may play these games and compete in a completely distinct and unrelated rankings system with other members. For more information, go to http://cutthroat.8m.com/index.htm. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Chancellor of Cutthroat, (cutthroat@axisandallies.net).

Site Index

Areas of the Site for All

New Players Link (Start Here!): Take this link first, and find out basic information like what is this Association, what is Axis and Allies, how to play the game over the Internet, sample turns, how to join our Association, benefits of membership, and much much more.

Association Rules and FAQs: Take this link to read the rules of our Association including default combat orders, how to act as a Game Master (GM), how Axis and Allies differs in playing by email as compared to face-to-face, rules for live game play, and rules clarifications (since Milton Bradley isn't always clear). The information is organized into several Frequently Asked Questions lists on the various military units, geography of the game board, and Information on our Association.

Government: Take this link to find information about our Association's government including descriptions and requirements for each position and current holders of the offices. Also included in this section are our Association's Charter of Incorporation and the Standards of Conduct which apply to all members in our Association.

Tourneys: Take this link to find out about our six annual email tournaments and annual face-to-face tournaments.

Local IAAPA Chapters and other Face to Face Events: Take this link to find the IAAPA Local Chapter nearest you, how to go about setting up your local chapter and also face-to-face gaming cons and other events that you can attend.

History: Take this link to find out about the history of our Association and the history of Axis and Allies, the game.

Current Rankings: Take this link to see where all our hundreds of members rank against each other, including their total number of wins and losses, current rating points, ranking points, and rank.

Areas of the Site for Members Only

Association Periodicals: Take this link to access our Associations's two monthly periodicals. The first is a newsletter compiled by the current President and containing statistics and information about Association activities, entitled the Armchair General Revue. The second is a light-hearted and fun look at the playing of Axis and Allies compiled by our Association's current Knight Errant, entitled The Havoc.

Links: Take this link to find links to other Axis and Allies sites on the World Wide Web --- some of which have been created by our own members.

Strategies: Take this link to take a look at some strategies for playing Axis and Allies, including Basic Strategies for the beginner, Advanced Strategies for the experienced player and Aggressive Strategies for the risk-taking experienced player.

Downloads: Take this link to download useful utilities for playing Axis and Allies including a virtual Axis and Allies board program, combat odds calculation programs, useful text files and collections of game logs.

BBS/Message Boards: Take this link to access the Association's own collection of newsgroups dedicated to chatting about Axis and Allies from strategy to rules improvements.

Member Services Take this link to update your membership information, participate in ongoing surveys, vote in our semi-annual elections. Also take this link to request a game number, request a GM, send a challenge, search our player pool, add yourself to our player pool, accept a challenge, request an officer promotion, report a game finish, enter the stats for a game or submit a game log. Click here if you are an IAAPA member and need your password emailed to you. Remember your default alias is the first portion of your email address (everything up to and including the @ sign --- include this so if your email is john111@spry.net you would enter john111@.

Online Dynamic Statistics: Take this link to explore the online statistical resource our Association has created including key information like win/loss ratios for various bids and average game length.

IAAPA JavaChat: Take this link to chat with other members live online and participate in seminars organized by our Assembly Coordinator.

IAAPA Dice Roller: Take this link to request die rolls for GMless games using our intelligent dice roller script. Simply indicate the units involved in the battle and the retreat conditions and the results of the battles will be sent to both players and automatically saved on the IAAPA server.

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