1. A player may use any abbreviation as long as its meaning is clear.

2. There is a map available on the website that lists IAAPA recommended territory and sea zone abbreviations.

3. Some commonly used abbreviations are listed below.

i) WI (Walk In) - The attacker simply "walks in" to an empty enemy or neutral territory. No combat rolls are required, but it happens during the combat phase of the turn.

ii) AA (Anti-Aircraft Gun)

iii) ARM (Armor)

iv) BB (Battleship)

v) BMB (Bomber)

vi) CV or AC (Aircraft Carrier)

vii) HBMB (Heavy Bomber)

viii) IC (Industrial Complex)

ix) INF (Infantry)

x) JFTR (Jet Fighter)

xi) LR (Long Range)

xii) MT (Empty)

xiii) FTR (Fighter)

xiv) TRN (Transport)

xv) SS or SUB (Submarine)