1. PBEM (Play By E Mail). This method is played via e-mail using the IAAPA Dice Server for battle resolutions

2. Live. This method is played live in one of the available chat rooms.

3. Face to face play. This method of play is used at Association Conventions and at Local Chapter meetings.

4. The GM method of play may be used but is no longer supported by the club.

5. If a player still desires to play a GM game then:

a. You must find your own GM and it is your responsibility to deal with any issues arising due to the GM and finding a replacement or fill in GM if necessary.

b. The GM must use the Dice Server. The GM can simply put each players address in the appropriate block, enter the units and roll the dice. This way each player receives a copy of the dice rolls and there is never an issue of fraudulent dice rolling.

c. New players may elect to have a Mentor oversee their game. This oversight may include dice rolling (The IAAPA Dice Server must still be used), the handling of Secret Orders, and general guidance in game play procedures.