1. Players may mutually agree to certain stipulations at the start of a sanctioned game.

2. These "stipulations" are commonly referred to as Gentlemen's Agreements.

3. These agreements must conform to the rules for sanctioned game play.

4. Here are some common examples of Gentlemen's Agreements:

a. No tech, no Russian first attack, no capturing of neutrals.

5. Here are some examples that would not be allowed:

a. Allowing tech to be bid, allowing an AA to hit on a 1 or a 2, allowing fighters to retreat from an amphibious assault.

6. IMPORTANT: A Gentlemen's Agreement is not binding. You are at your opponent's mercy if he decides to not honor the agreement later during the game. The Minister of Law will not adjudicate or enforce these agreements.

7. Only enter into these agreements with people you can trust. Remember, all's fair in love and war.