1. This method of play utilizes a chat room with a live dice roller.

2. Players must still get a game number assignment from the IAAPA Member Services section of the web site. This is to be done as soon as practical, given the nature of live games.

3. The players may resolve the bid in any mutually agreeable fashion.

4. All live games must be held in the Wargaming HQ conference room on AOL at Keyword: WARGAMING or on the Association web site, if and when such a chat room is available.

5. A complete log of the game must be made and kept by both players. It will be the winner's responsibility to upload the entire log to the Association library upon completion of the game.

6. The header must include the game number and players.

7. Dice rolling will be accomplished by using the AOL Autodice feature. To use this feature simply enter the Wargaming HQ chat room and type: //roll-dice##-sides6 *where ## = the number of dice required for the attack or defense during one round of the battle.

8. The IAAPA chat room roller may be used when it is available.

9. The rest of the game will go exactly as it would in a FTF game, only following the IAAPA Rules clarifications.

10. Many games will take multiple sessions in the chat room to finish. Players may save their log files and combine all sessions into one upload for game credit.