1. If a player has not submitted his turn within 5 days and has not complied with the turn submission guidelines then you may initiate a forfeit.

2. To initiate a forfeit:

a. Cut, paste, and send your opponent the IAAPA Impending Forfeit Notice, which is listed below.
b. Entitle the e-mail "#{enter game number}Impending Forfeit Notice."
c. Send a copy of the Impending Forfeit Notice to your opponent and the Minister of Law (law@axisandallies.net)
d. Retain a copy for your records.
e. If your opponent does not respond within 5 days or the reason for his absence is not acceptable to you then send a forfeit request to the Minister of Law, with a copy to your opponent, and request that the game be closed out as a forfeit. Include a copy of the original Impending Forfeit Notice.
f. If the forfeit request is approved the Minister of Law will notify both parties and issue the victor instructions on how to close out the game via the Member Services screen.
g. If the forfeit is not approved then the Minister of Law will instruct both parties to continue the game and may impose special conditions as appropriate to ensure that the game is played in a timely manner. If these conditions are not followed then the Minister of Law may declare the game a forfeit.

3. Players who continually forfeit may be subject to a Code of Conduct action.

4. IAAPA Impending Forfeit Notice:
Hello {enter your opponent's name}, I have not received a turn for over 5 days and no prior notice was given that you would be unavailable during this time period. As per club policy you now have 5 days to respond to explain your absence. If there is no response to this query then I will request a forfeit from the Minister of Law. Sincerely,
{your alias}