1. AMPHIBIOUS ASSAULTS: A land battle is considered 'amphibious' ONLY if a transport delivers infantry or arm to the battle site. An amphibious assault potentially consists of 2 separate battles, a sea zone clearing battle and/or a land battle.

2. SEA ZONE BATTLE: If there is a sea zone battle, attacking naval units may retreat. Any loaded transports that retreat from the sea zone battle may not move nor unload cargo during the non-combat phase of the turn. If the transports must move into an enemy occupied sea zone in order to pick up the infantry or arm the transports are considered to be 'loaded' prior to the sea zone battle being resolved.

3. LAND BATTLE: The land battle may consist of land units from adjacent territories, air from anywhere, and potentially units from transports. If units are unloaded from a transport then the attacker may not retreat any units. It is a fight to the death and an exception to the normal retreating rules. If there are no units unloaded from a transport, then it is simply a land battle resolved like any other. Any adjacent land units and/or air sent to do land battle must at least perform one round of attack and then may retreat as usual. Be very cautious sending air units to support an assault force that may never make it.