1. The Gulf of Mexico sea zone touching Mexico and the right edge of the board is adjacent to only Mexico, The Western US, the Eastern US sea zone and the West Indies sea zone.

2. The small Western Gulf of Mexico sea zone located at the right side of the board is a legal location to place new purchases.

3. The territories and sea zones on the top edge of the map are not adjacent to the sea zones on the bottom edge of the map and vice versa.

4. The Panama "Canal" in and of itself is not a sea zone. The clarification sheet misleadingly implies that this is so. No units can be located "in" the Canal.

5. An air unit passing through the Panama Canal may take the same route as shipping and does not have to fly over the territory of Panama itself. As such it does not have to undergo any AA Gun shots if there is an AA Gun located in Panama.

6. For naval and air movement purposes the West Panama sea zone and the East Panama sea zone may be considered adjacent.