1. A player may designate any order of loss that he desires for his casualties.

2. If a defender does not send in any special orders of loss prior to the attacker rolling the battle then the Association defaults will be used. This will include the failure of a defender to designate whether or not to retreat a submarine in a sea battle.

3. Default orders of loss are as follows:

a. Land Territories Attacking: INF, ARM, FTR, BMB
Defending: INF, ARM, BMB, FTR

b. Sea Zones Attacking-- TRN, SUB, FTR, BMB, AC, BB
Defending -- TRN, SUB, FTR, AC, BB

Exception: In a no retreat situation involving only attacking air units, defending subs are lost before other defending units.

4. There are some possible exceptions to the club defaults. These exceptions are clearly spelled out under the PBEM Battle Resolution Procedures PBEM Battle Resolution Pricedures Section. Any such exception will take precedence