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Welcome to IAAPA

Welcome to the International Axis and Allies Players Association world wide web site --- the oldest Axis and Allies Gaming Organization in the world!!!  If you love the game and are looking for more than an occasional weekend of it with friends, then read on...

IAAPA HQ News Briefing
Big congratulations to Thoughtpolice for his first ever tourney win. Taking out rivals like fearless and blackpedro, then the veteran Pippopsrising11. Jordan is a force to be matched, always introducing new approaches, he is a thinker first and formost! well done.
Congrats to Pippoprising11 winning the spring tourney. Leaving an impressive field behind him. Players, sign up for any and all tourneys if you can, they are all for fun and it is nice to see big turnout with a variety of players. Also, we always are in need of some tourneys to be run, so feel free to contact me if you can help out. Cheers to all and may you roll well. Pedro.
Check out Kieranbren ascent to the top, slashing though veteran fighters to earn the CROWN. Examine his play to see a solid game and improve upon your own skills in 4th ed.. AAR.
RELEASE DATE: (June 24, 2018)

A&A 50th Anniversary Edition (AA50) - maps, rules, etc... info available under "Download Utilities" and new forum on BBS. Check it out!

Free Game Trial for Potential Members
Saturday, 15 November 2008

In an effort to allow new recruits an opportunity to see why IAAPA is the best Axis and Allies gaming community in the world, all potential recruits who pass the Final Hurdle are now eligible for one free trial game to help make their decision to become and active member of IAAPA easier.

This service is run by the Mentorship Coordinator If you are considering joining IAAPA, click on the Join Now link.

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