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Welcome to the International Axis and Allies Players Association world wide web site --- the oldest Axis and Allies Gaming Organization in the world!!!  If you love the game and are looking for more than an occasional weekend of it with friends, then read on...

IAAPA HQ News Briefing
RELEASE DATE: (September 01, 2021)

'AATorpedo' defeats 'Massa' in the final of the 2021 Navy Challenge Tournament. Check out game#20556 where Germany attempted a full out attack into Leningrad for turn 8 only to meet stiff resistance. With US gaining IT the prior turn and Russia able to hold on with major units remaining, Germany sued for peace.

RELEASE DATE: (August 30, 2021)

'BlackPedro' defeats 'Spud' in the final of the 2021 Summer Tournament to add to his hall of fame collection. Check out game#20558 where classic strategy meets dice gambits where all the Air resources of a country are lost in a single round. These two will surely meet again...

RELEASE DATE: (June 29, 2021)

'Spud' defeats 'BlackPedro' in the final of the 2021 AAR Spring Tourney to stop his run of tourney victories. After only 7 rounds, Spud's axis side, aided by good rolls and the german sub stall, are able to put enough pressure on russia to squeeze out the allied surrender.

RELEASE DATE: (June 24, 2018)

A&A 50th Anniversary Edition (AA50) - maps, rules, etc... info available under "Download Utilities" and new forum on BBS. Check it out!

Free Game Trial for Potential Members
Saturday, 15 November 2008

In an effort to allow new recruits an opportunity to see why IAAPA is the best Axis and Allies gaming community in the world, all potential recruits who pass the Final Hurdle are now eligible for one free trial game to help make their decision to become and active member of IAAPA easier.

This service is run by the Mentorship Coordinator If you are considering joining IAAPA, click on the Join Now link.

Last Updated ( Monday, 25 June 2018 )

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