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Welcome to the Axis and Allies Club Info Section of the Site. On this page you will find links to New player information, Club rulings, Club Administration, an Axis and Allies survey, our club newsletter --- The Havoceur, the most recent Club rankings, and Club history.

New Player Information - A sort of FAQ about our club, how it works and how to get started. Survey - An informal Axis and Allies Survey to fill out.

Club rulings - A compilation of Club rulings on some of the A&A rules that are unclear or just ridiculous! Also a copy of Milton Bradley's Rules Clarifications Sheet that owners of older versions of A&A may not have gotten in their copies.

Club Administration - A list of the club administration, and of where to send results of games and who to refer new players to.

A&A computer utilites - An area to download some computer utilites to make playing A&A just a bit easier.

Club newsletter - A copy of the latest club newsletter.

Havoceur - A newsletter of the lighter side of A&A put together by

Club rankings - A list of who is king of the hill and those seeking to depose that individual!

Other Stuff - A catch all department. Will have strategy articles, sample turns, and other stuff that doesn't fit into the other categories!

Tournaments - Announcements, updates and information on the club's ongoing and upcoming Tournaments.

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