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IAAPA Local Chapters Throughout the World

As more people coalesce to form chapters, the regions will continue to shrink.
This page will constantly 'evolve'. :)

In Canada


Edmonton 'Operation Elk Island' Contact
Local Contact: Raist


Waterloo-Kitchener-Guelph-Cambridge-Toronto Contact
Local Contact: UberRalph


Saskatoon 'Submarines in Saskatchewan?' Contact
Local Contact: micwil

In Europe


Italy's 'Axis Revenge' Local Chapter Eur-001
Local Contact: leone@

In the United States


Fresno 'Combat Zone' Local Chapter US-001
Local Contact: The_Rock


New Orleans 'Battle in the Bayou' Local Chapter
Local Contact: toddvomit


St. Louis
Local Contact: roseandmike@


Toledo Contact
Local Contact: Blackwatch

IAAPA Local Chapter Information and Regulations

Part I - What is the IAAPA?

The International Axis and Allies Players' Association (IAAPA) is a non-profit international organization dedicated to providing strategy wargamers around the world with the means to play against some of the best players in the world. A worldwide ranking system of all members, along with regular organized local, regional, national and international tournaments, both in-person and through the internet is provided as a way to assist players in focusing on improving their level of play.

Part II - How do people play in the IAAPA?

Most gameplay started over the Internet by various means (Play by Email, Dice Servers, Live Chat Rooms, etc.). Now local chapters are being formed all over the world and people play in-person head-to-head in weekly, bi-weekly or monthly meetings. All moves have to be logged, all battle results noted in order for a game to be rated and apply to a member's ranking in the IAAPA. The game logs are all kept in the IAAPA Archives and statistics are generated with this information for the use of all IAAPA Members.

Part III - How does one start a local chapter of the IAAPA?

In order to start a chapter, you need at least 3 'Charter' members, who are willing to start the organization and apply for membership. At least 1 of these individuals must be a member of the IAAPA through the online arm of the Association (currently over 1500 members). Once your application is accepted by the IAAPA Chapter Review Board, your Chapter will be given Starter status. Regular meetings must be held at least monthly, and recruitment efforts should be started.

In addition, IAAPA dues must also be collected. The Charter members must contribute a total of $50 (US) towards the chapter, to give it some funds to help promote itself in the local gaming community. One person will be appointed a President, another the Chapter Archivist, and the third the Treasurer. The term of these positions will be 1 year, after which elections will be held every 6 months. Presumably after the first year there will be more than the initial 3 starting members.

From that initial fund, a $25 (US) registration fee is paid to the IAAPA and in return a Chapter Starter Kit will be sent to the Chapter President. This kit contains 10 color posters to be put in local gaming shops and hobby stores to assist in recruitment, and a space for a local contact phone number, in addition to listing the IAAPA web site (http://www.axisandallies.net). Once a Chapter achieves Starter status, it will be listed as a locally affiliated Chapter on the IAAPA World Wide Web Site. The kit also includes originals of all the documentation required for properly recording games, information outlining the duties of all the government members and our newsletter 'Command HQ - The Insiders Edition' which contains information only for the executives of all the local chapters of the IAAPA, including feature articles from chapters as to what works and what doesn't in terms of recruitment, insider info from Hasbro, and much more). Finally it includes official documentation allowing you to incorporate as a non-profit organization in your local jurisdiction.

As the number of members in your chapter grows, a couple of things will happen. First, you will progress through various membership status levels...

3-5 Starter Chapter
6-10 Rookie Chapter
11-15 Regimental Chapter
16-25 Veteran Chapter
26+ Accredited Chapter

Every Chapter member (including the Charter Members) must pay an annual $5 (US) fee to the IAAPA organization. Half this money goes to the local chapter, the other half goes to the IAAPA (to pay for things like the web site server , tournaments, promotion, etc.).

Charter members will be repaid their initial investment out of members funds (so basically once you have 20 members the initial funds will have been paid back to the Charter members).

Once you have reached the status of Rookie Chapter, some benefits begin to become avaliable.

1) The right to hold local tourneys --- these must include at least 6 members, although not all the members need be members of the local Chapter. They all must have valid IAAPA memberships to compete. The form of the tournament will be as follows:

Round 1
Game 1: 1 v. 2
Game 2: 3 v. 4
Game 3: 5 v. 6

Round 2
Game 4: 1 v. 4
Game 5: 3 v. 6
Game 6: 2 v. 5

Round 3
Game 7: 1 v. 6
Game 8: 2 v. 4
Game 9: 3 v. 5

Round 4
Game 10: #1 overall v. #6
Game 11: #2 overall v. #5
Game 12: #3 overall v. #4

Round 4
Game 13: Winner Game #11 v. Winner Game #12
Game 14: Winner Game #13 v. Winner Game #10

2) The ability to challenge other rookie or higher chapters for inter-chapter tournaments

3) The privilege of contributing a regular article in the Command HQ newsletter.

Once you reach the status of an Accredited Chapter, you have the ability to apply to hold our Annual Tournament. Chicago is the location of the 2000 tournament, so anyone in that area who is a member should start getting active in the local chapter.

Typical Chapter Activities

The executive should decide on a regular meeting time and place to play - likely the house of a member initially when the chapter is still small. Most chapters meet on the first Sunday afternoon of each month, as it can take many hours to finish a game of Axis and Allies and most members work on weekdays.

You need a way to ensure people are kept active when they attend a chapter session. Keeping a partial game log is essential to recieve credit for the game, but when you have experienced players that will take a minute or two at most, since board updates are not needed. Here is a typical game log from a live game:

 USSR Turn #4 29 IPCs - 9 INF, save 2 Combat Ukraine (3 
G INF) Karelia 4 INF, 1 FTR Russia 1 FTR RESULT - Ukraine occupied with 2 INF 
Yakut (5 J INF) Evenki 5 INF, Novo 2 INF, Russia 3 ARM RESULT - Yakut occupied 
with 6 INF, 3 ARM (one fell swoop - I love dice!) Non-Combat Russia 4 INF to Karelia 
Kazakh 2 INF to Sinkiang Place Units 5 INF Russia, 4 INF Karelia IPC Chart USSR 
28/$30 GER 41/$33 UK 22/$22 JAPAN 33/$35 US 23/$23 

One way to ensure that members always have something to do is to play multiple games concurrently.

So if you have 2 players, both players play each other twice. With 3 players, each player plays each of the other players concurrently (2 games for each players). With more than 3 members, simply mix the groups of 2 and three appropriately. The easiest way to accomplish this is using a draw method so for example if there are 8 players you would write the number '1' on three pieces of paper, the number '2' on three pieces of paper, and the number '3' on two pieces of paper, yielding two groups of 3 playing each other and one group of 2 playing each other.

This should ensure a degree of randomness when the chapter starts to get of significant size.

The application procedure and contents of the Chapter kit are the responsibility of the Minister of Chapters.

This page last updated September 9, 2001 by Micwil.

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