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Areas of the Site for All

Site Map - YOU ARE HERE: This page contains detailed descriptions of every section of the web site and also a complete graphical representation of the site.

What is IAAPA - Overview of the Association: Take this link first, and find out basic information like what is this Association, what is Axis and Allies, how to play the game over the Internet, sample turns, benefits of membership, and much much more.

Join IAAPA - Become a Part of our Association: Take this link when you are ready to apply for membership in IAAPA. You will first have an orientation to IAAPA, and then you will be administered an exam (the Final Hurdle). With the successful completion of the Final Hurdle entrance examination, you need only send in an application form and upon verification of your information, you will be a member of IAAPA..

Rules FAQ - Association Rules and FAQs: Take this link to read the rules of our Association including default combat orders, how to act as a Game Master (GM), how Axis and Allies differs in playing by email as compared to face-to-face, rules for live game play, and rules clarifications (since Milton Bradley isn't always clear). The information is organized into several Frequently Asked Questions lists on various topics and detailed matching rules pages.

Govt Info - How IAAPA's Government Functions: Take this link to find information about our Association's government including descriptions and requirements for each position and current holders of the offices. Also included in this section are our Association's Charter of Incorporation and the Standards of Conduct which apply to all members in our Association.

Tourney Info - List of all Past and Current Tournaments: Take this link to find out about our many annual email tournaments, live and face-to-face tournaments. You can see who your potential future opponents in tournaments you are participating in might be by looking in your bracket.

Local Chapters - See Who is in Your Neighbourhood: Take this link to find the IAAPA Local Chapter nearest you, how to go about setting up your local chapter and also face-to-face gaming conventions and other gaming events that you may be interested in attending.

Links: Take this link to find links to other Axis and Allies sites on the World Wide Web --- some of which have been created by our own members.

Downloads: Take this link to download useful utilities for playing Axis and Allies including a virtual Axis and Allies board program, combat odds calculation programs, useful text files and collections of game logs.

Areas of the Site for Members Only

Current Rankings: Take this link to see where all our thousands of members rank against each other, including their total number of wins and losses, current rating points, ranking points, and rank.

Association Periodicals: Take this link to access our Associations's two monthly periodicals. The first is a newsletter compiled by the current President and contains statistics and information about Association activities, entitled the Armchair General Revue. The second is a light-hearted and fun look at the playing of Axis and Allies compiled by our Association's current Knight Errant, entitled The Havoc.

Strategies: Take this link to take a look at some strategies for playing Axis and Allies, including Basic Strategies for the beginner, Advanced Strategies for the experienced player and Bold Strategies for the risk-taking experienced player. Also find here our 'Seminar Series' of strategy seminars held by our Assembly Coordinator over the last couple of years.

BBS/Message Boards: Take this link to access the Association's own collection of newsgroups dedicated to chatting about Axis and Allies from strategy to rules questions to suggestions to improve the Association.

Member Services Take this link to update your membership information, participate in ongoing surveys, vote in our semi-annual elections. Also take this link to request a game number, request a GM, send a challenge, search our player pool, add yourself to our player pool, accept a challenge, report a game finish, enter the stats for a game or submit a game log. Click here if you are an IAAPA member and need your password emailed to you.

Online Dynamic Statistics: (under development) Take this link to explore the online statistical resource our Association has created including key information like win/loss ratios for various bids and interesting tid bits such as average game length.

IAAPA WarZone: Take this link to chat with other members live online and participate in seminars organized by our Assembly Coordinator. Also use this link to find resources for playing games live without the use of the CD-ROM game.

IAAPA Dice Roller: Take this link to request die rolls for GMless games using our secure dice roller script. Simply indicate the units involved in the battle the results of each round of the battle will be sent to both players and automatically logged for future validation on the IAAPA server.

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