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IAAPA Downloads Site

A brief message from the webmaster of this site before the downloads:

OK, I know that much of the world has given up on the concept of shareware. Perhaps it was simply an experiment which has had its day and should now be shelved. I however am not of that opinion. It is only through shareware that specialized applications (such as the ones on this page) will be created. No company will ever design them, as the potential market is simply too small. The only way that applications like these will continue to be made is by registering the programs and supporting the shareware concept. Now none of these programs have a time lockout feature, and most give you access to all the functionality of the program in the shareware version. Try them out, if they are useful, tell the programmer, and at least seriously consider registering. That way improvements to the software can be made, and everyone benefits.

(((This message is supported by programmers of shareware all over the world)))

Some useful files...these are yours for the taking - no strings attached!!!

2nd Edition Clarifications - The collection of clarifications which are included in the newer releases of Axis and Allies, put out and compiled by Milton Bradley.

A Sample Turn - A sample turn for Germany 1 which shows how to write out your turn, how to include conditions, etc.

List of Abbreviations - This graphic shows every territory and sea zone on the map and the 3 letter abbreviation which is standard in the Association which you should use when you refer to that location. The only way to ensure that both you and your opponent know where your units are located and movement orders is to use one of the sets of standardized abbreviations.

Pre-Bid Game Unit Setup - Here is all the starting information for Axis and Allies including the initial unit allocations, production values and more.

Complete Rules Book - Complete PDF of the rule book. WARNING: This file is almost 7 MB.

Club Archives

This area contains the complete archives of our Association and is a work in progress. At this point, I am attempting to get all the game archives (complete text of association-sanctionned games) avaliable, and in the future will add other club-related materials. Please note there will be multiple FTP sites so if one appears to be busy, please try the others on the list (if available). Please connect to our Archives site to download association archived materials.


Many of you have expressed interest in having a background graphic for your desktop. Thanks to Silex aka MacTabar, we have a really cool graphic to offer you - check it out here!

Seminar Archives

Here you will find the collection of logs of past seminars in the Warzone, hosted by our esteemed Minister of Assembly.

Bids that Work, Bids that Don't, and WHY!
History of the IAAPA: Where We've Been and Where We Are Going
Revisiting the Ideal Bid
Novice Mistakes: How to see them, avoid them and exploit them
Purchasing and Dead Zone Management: Playing for the Long Haul
Allied Approaches: What Works
Axis Approaches: How to Succeed where Hitler Failed
Advanced Tactics: How Wars Can Be Won by Retreats
Technology: When to do Research and When to Fight
Ratings and Logs Discussion

The McD Board

Picture of map - The McD Board is a MS-DOS based program that allows users to create virtual maps of as many games of Axis and Allies as they like on an IBM computer. The interface is easy to use, and the graphical representation of the board is clean. Also included is a zoom feature. This game is FREEWARE, not shareware.


GhoulLord's AAAWinMap A very easy to use windows board utility, with many feature. Thanks go to GhoulLord for the creation.


ABattleMap is a highly sophisticated Windows map program in the style of AAAWinMap. The development still continues and new functionalities wil be included. It is fast and does not rely on DirectX, therefore it should also work with many emulators (works perfectly with WINE), so hence available for most of the PC users out there. Variuos games are supported: Classic, Europe, Pacific, World at War and many more! Have fun with this free of charge program! For more information, questions or if you have problems eMail us

The program can be found here

Jason Bilbrey's Axis & Allies Combat Simulator

- a new Axis & Allies combat simulator available that takes the best features from all the other simulators and wraps them into one program. The program can be found here

Mitch Wiegner's Odds Calculator

Mitch Wiegner's Odds Calculator - This software allows you to calculate the chances of winning land battles as a function in Microsoft Excel, Access or any product that supports Visual Basic for applications. Now you can put the full analytic power of Excel in assessing your best attack strategy. This version is freeware. With sufficient interest the author will write a much more advanced shareware version.

J.C. Hamlin's MS-DOS Based Odds Calculator

Hamlin's MS-DOS Based Axis and Allies Odds Calculator - This program displays more information than the Hall program, including percentages of taking territory, doesn't take, defence wins, attacker killed, attacker retreats, nothing left. However, the interface is a bit more difficult to use.

Philip Hall's Odds Calculator

Odds Calculator Picture Hall's Odds Calculator - This program is an odds calculator which requires Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, or Windows '95. This program will give you the percentage chance of winning any battle you may consider, including land/air, naval and even amphibious assaults.

Guido Cramwinckel's Axis and Allies Battle Simulator

Cramwinckel's Battle Simlulator - A complex but powerful MS-DOS based battle simulator which offers three modes of functionality (and every option imaginable):

  1. Simple simulation - In this mode, the simulator will generate a screen full of information about the battle including a full economic evaluation.
  2. Variation - You can change one or two units for the defender or the attacker and see the influence more units has on some charataristic parameters.
  3. Optimize - You can optimize up to six battles and the computer will show the nine best ways to use your units. The optimize will be done on economic performance as well on the chance to win all battles.

William Gillingham's Axis and Allies Battle Simulator

Gillingham's Battle Simulator - A complex, detailed graphical Windows-based simulator which has complex attack/retreat options and also remembers the last 5 battle results. In addition, you can tell it the number of iterations (sample battles) to roll the dice for, which is useful for slower computers. Finally, there is an option to print out the results.

This page last updated September 18, 2003 by Raist.

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