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Geography Information

Frequently Asked Questions List - Geography

The most common problem is with the naming of territories. Please click here to see a map of all the official Association abbreviations for each sea zone and territory.


Canals may be used if and only if you or your allies own the territory or territories controlling the canal at the beginning of your turn. Submarines may retreat through canals you or your allies control at the beginning of the turn even if the land territory or territories are in combat during that same turn.

The Gulf of Mexico sea zone touching Mexico and the right edge of the board is adjacent to only Mexico, The Western US, the Eastern US sea zone and the West Indies sea zone.

  1. Q: Can a transport in the Hudson's Bay sea zone pick up land units in Western Canada?
    A: Yes, that sea zone is considered adjacent to Western Canada.

  2. Q: Can land units move from Syria-Iraq to Anglo-Egypt Sudan without the use of a transport?
    A: Yes, there is a 'land bridge' which connects those two territories.

  3. Q: Which sea zones is South Africa adjacent to on the map?
    A: The West South Africa Sea Zone, the South West Madagascar Sea Zone and the North West Madagascar Sea Zone.

  4. Q: Can I move a naval unit from the Mexico SZ to South Chile SZ in one turn?
    A: The Mexico SZ is only adjacent to the West Panama SZ (to the East). As such, it would take 3 moves (i.e. 2 turns) to get from the Mex SZ to the South Chile SZ.

  5. Q: Can one move directly from the New Zealand SZ to the SZ's west of South Africa?
    A: Yes. While the game board shows the blow-up maps between New Zealand and South America, the New Zealand SZ is actually connected to the Peru SZ and the S. Chile SZ.

  6. Q: What is the Mexico sz adjacent to?
    A: The Mexico sz is only adjacent to the W.Panama sz (to the East).

  7. Q: What exactly are the borders on the edge of the board?
    A: See below.

This page last updated April 10, 2000 by Micwil.

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