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2002 Summer Open: A Bridge Too Far Tournament

Arnhem, Holland
Sept, 1944

Operation Market Garden, the largest airborne operation ever mounted, an ambitious plan to drop three airborne divisions in and around the the town of Arnhem to secure key bridges across the Rhine so that allied armor could advance speedily through Holland into the Ruhr and northern Germany.

The objectives included the capture of the canal crossings at Wilhelmina and Veghel, the bridge over the Maas at Grave, the bridge over the Rhine at Nijmegen and finally what proved to be a bridge too far, the capture of Arnhem bridge.

The 2002 Summer Open is a recreation of Operation Market Garden, each round will be a Market Garden objective with the final round being the Arnhem Bridge, a bridge too far for all participants except the eventual winner of the tournament.

Who be the one to succeed where the Allies failed ?.

Eligibility: All Ranks
Format: Seeded, 2 month per round time limit.
Start date: 1st July 2002

Market Bracket

Garden Bracket

IAAPA 2002 Summer Open Champion: Nieles

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